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Before choosing Libertoy:

  1. What kind of computer do I need ?
    You need a computer running any Windows (9x/2000/XP/8/10)®. If it is fast enough to run your usual applications, it should be powerful enough to run Libertoy.
  2. I already entered my toys inventory and/or my member list in a computer system. Will I need to do it again ?
    Hopefully not. For a 200€/230$US fee, we will convert your existing database (most common types). Please specify it when you order and we will contact you to obtain your files and integrate them in Libertoy.
  3. We already have identified our toys and members with reference numbers. Will I be able to keep them in Libertoy ?
    Yes. Libertoy assigns a unique reference number when you add a toy or a member, but you can replace it by the number you want. Libertoy will verify that it is not already used.
  4. Can you modify the software to add information or functionalities ? How much will it cost ?
    Libertoy can be modified to match your needs upon request. If the change is minor and can benefit all Libertoy users, it could be free and integrated in a forthcoming upgrade. If it is more important, we will send you a quotation that you will be free to accept or not. Please see the price page for our hourly rate.
  5. What are the limits of Libertoy in terms of users, total members, number of toys ...
    The number of users is limited by the number of licenses you buy. It is not recommended to have more than 15 users simultaneously, which is more than enough for the vast majority of Toy Libraries. The theoretical maximum is 2 billion toys and members thus the limit will effectively result from the overall performance of your computer and the capacity of its hard disk. For training purposes, a 65,000 toys database is included with Libertoy, which will allow you to test your configuration realistically.
  6. Do I need to buy other software to run Libertoy ?
    No, you don't. Libertoy includes a Microsoft Access® distribution kit, so you don't need to buy anything. However, this kit neither allows you to create other databases than within Libertoy nor to use any other functionalities available will Microsoft Access® complete version.
  7. What are the advantages of using a barcode reader ?
    Libertoy prints member cards and labels with their reference number and their barcode equivalent. You can also use either the toy manufacturer's or pre-printed barcodes. By using a barcode reader, you won't have to enter all those numbers from the keyboard to register a loan or access a file. Libertoy generates easy to use numbers and has advanced human error control processes, so a barcode reader is not required, but if you have one, Libertoy will take advantage of it.
  8. If I know nothing about computers and am afraid of not being able to use the software, what kind of support can I expect ?
    Libertoy is very easy to use, having been designed to be used by beginners. We are so convinced about this, that we give you one year of free user support for one designated person in your Toy Library, renewable at very low price. If you have a specific question, you can use this form anytime and we will answer you within 48 hours. You can also call us for your free support at the number appearing on your invoices (long distance charges not included). As an option, we also offer a global annual support plan, which price varies according to the potential number of calls and your country. You don't need to buy this plan at the time you acquire Libertoy. You can buy it later, after you have assessed your needs.
  9. Do you give training to use Libertoy ?
    The answer to question 8 might help you. Nonetheless, we offer training in the greater Montreal area (Canada). The cost is $300 for 3 hours of training for 1 to 5 persons.
  10. I am slightly reluctant to send a cheque through the mail, what guarantees me that I will receive the software I ordered ?
    Libertoy is sold directly by Informiciel, a company registered under the number 2246509550 since 1989. You write your cheque to the order of Informiciel which is directly responsible to deliver the software to you. Libertoy will be sent to you by mail at no additional cost as soon as your payment is received. If you are buying for a public service / government you can pay by bank transfer, please contact us.
  11. Can I pay by credit card ?
    Yes and for increased security, you wouldn't have to give us your credit card number. With the help of Paypal® secure online payment, we will send you an invoice by email with all necessary instructions. Your credit card data will be crypted.
  12. Who are you ?
    Informiciel started in 1989 and developed more than 60 management systems in different programming languages for different application domains. Libertoy is presently in use in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

While using Libertoy:

  1. I prefer to have my dates in the format month, day, year. Where can I select the correct format in Libertoy.
    Libertoy uses the date format of your Windows configuration. You can adjust it in the regional parameters of Windows control panel. We recommend that you use the ANSI format yyyy-MM-dd (ie 2003-06-30).
  2. Our Toy Library uses Pounds, is Libertoy limited regarding currency ?
    Libertoy uses the monetary symbol of your Windows configuration. You can adjust it in the regional parameters of Windows control panel.
  3. We do not allow loan renewals, can we block this functionality ?
    You choose the number of days for which the renewals are allowed in the configuration screen. If you do not wish to allow it, simply set the value to "0". The box and renewal button will disappear from your screen.
  4. We are using Libertoy since a few years, do we need to "clean-up" ?
    When you delete an old member or a discarded toy, all the loans that were related to it are also deleted. There is therefore no useless data that remains in the system. Moreover, an integrity check and database compression tool is provided with Libertoy.
  5. When we send a toy for repair, do we have to delete it and add it again when it returns ?
    No. You would loose time doing so as well as the loan history of this toy. For you statistical reports to be accurate, we recommend to wait 1 or 2 years to delete a member or an item. Libertoy suggests you to "loan" an item to a reparation file so you can follow-up its status, and simply enter it as "returned" to make it available again.

If you have any other questions or want precision on some details, do not hesitate to contact us.


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